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About Us

Unlike many businesses, Azul Stone is unique on so many levels and dimensions. This uniqueness, enthusiasm, passion, and faith are the driver and main contributor to our success. Our story spans decades of experience and many generations in our family perfecting the trade.


It all started with our grandfather and father during the half century period from 1940 to 1990. After our grandfather got back from fighting in WWII for the allies, he was introduced to the marble and granite business – from trading the raw materials to custom fabrication and finally installation. He adopted the business and learned the skills needed until it became the sole contributor to the household. This practice, along with the addition of my dad to his team, lasted for decades.


It was time for us to complete the journey and preserve our ancestor’s legacy. In order to achieve that, we realized the need for some key ingredients like a solid education and a lot of corporate experience to energize and modernize our family tradition. For that, we were successful in obtaining high education and quality experience and now we are ready to take on any challenge thrown at us by our next chapter in life.


Stone is encoded in our DNA (hypothetically). We know what we are doing and we know how to do it right.


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